Tor Books notices Robert Brockway!


Aww they're so cute

It's almost kismet, right?

Good news everyone!

Tor Books has bought, at auction for six-figures, THE UNNOTICEABLES and its two sequels by Robert Brockway!

As you can see from the photo, this deal was destined from the beginning. After being out on submission for only eight days, there was an offer. That first offer alone would have netted Brockway the single largest advance by a debut author for JABberwocky. But then other publishers got interested, we took it to auction, and at the end Brockway was sitting very pretty! Brockway, a Senior Editor for, is latest author to land a major book deal from the world’s largest comedy website that is churning out big time authors like it’s their job. It’s also not too shabby for Sam either. This was his first book deal and there are now multiple offers in for audio rights!

A message from Brockway: “I wrote a very strange little book about ominous angels who refine human souls for fuel, and the drunken punk rockers who fight them. I did not expect to sell it – I half-expected to be institutionalized just for suggesting the thing – but Sam Morgan and the fine folks at JABberwocky sold the whole trilogy! Now I get to stay lost in this bizarre world I’ve made for years to come, and I could not be more excited about it.”

A message from Sam: “I knew from the first sentence that THE UNNOTICEABLES was something special. It’s urban fantasy but philosophizes like science fiction. There are sprinkles of horror, but it makes you laugh out loud. It’s a punk rock ethos with a middle finger straight in the air but undercut with a real sense of love and family.”

THE UNNOTICEABLES is slated for a July 2015 release and we can’t wait for you to rock out with Brockway!

For foreign rights inquiries, please contact Krystyna Lopez (krystyna [at] awfulagent [dot] com).