Two New Books by Jeri Westerson


Jeri Westerson has two brand new books in the offing this month. First up, next week marks the publication of the third novel in Jeri BOOKE OF THE HIDDEN series, SHADOWS IN THE MIST.

The book is currently available for pre-order in paperback and ebook editions.

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On Saturday, May 18th, Jeri will be appearing at the Shadows in the Mist book launch at The Cauldron in Buena Park, California at 3 PM. If you’re in the area, come by for a creepy good time, with a reading, giveaways, a tarot reader, and lovely munchies.


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Jeri is also publishing a new installment in her long running historical mystery series featuring medieval sleuth Crispin Guest. TRAITOR’S CODEX will be published by Severn House on June 1.

Also available for pre-order in print and ebook editions.

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“Fans of this long-running series will revel in the insights into their favorite characters’ lives while enjoying the historical background and a challenging mystery…”

“Brisk prose and well-drawn characters propel this nimble excursion into religious thriller territory.”
Publishers Weekly