World War Z is for Zombie


With so many people heading off to see World War Z at the multiplex we’d like to draw your attention very quickly to Adam-Troy Castro and Johnny Atomic’s Z IS FOR ZOMBIE.  Sardonic and fun, this richly illustrated and richly invented book is an alphabet primer to the Zombie Apocalypse.  It’s the book where “X Marks the Spot Where They Finally Catch Up To You,” and it’s something Joshua fell in love with from the first glimpse at the proposal.

Even better, currently Amazon has limited copies available for a $6 bargain price, which you can find your way to by clicking here.

And just to say, World War Z is a big Hollywood summer tentpole movie that’s pretty good, holding up decently at the box office, and it manages to end with a small-scale nail-biting action sequence which involves one building which is intact at the end, and just a handful of characters.  Not every summer blockbuster needs to end with a mega-CGI thirty-minute battle sequence.

And, since World War Z clocks in at just under 2 hours, you have a few minutes you can spend after the movie to enjoy Z is for Zombie by Adam-Troy Castro and Johnny Atomic.  For as little as $6.  Did you click here yet?