A Million Shadows (#2)

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Jory has escaped from the shifters who killed her father, but her life is far from returning to normal. Jory’s mother is covering her pain with prescription drugs, leaving Jory alone to hide them both from the murderous shifters who are still hot on their tail. When Jory’s mom lands herself in the hospital, Jory thinks things can’t get any worse. Then she receives an offer from her boyfriend’s mother, Aida–help her track down the man who betrayed them all, and Aida will make sure Jory’s mother stays hidden and safe. There’s just one catch: the man they’re hunting is responsible for her father’s death–and Jory knows Aida means to protect him. It’s an offer Jory can’t afford to refuse. As she circles closer to her mark, Jory knows she’s playing a game of cat and mouse, but she can’t be sure if she’s the predator or the prey.


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