Covenant’s End (#4)

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After almost a year away from the grand city of Davillon, wandering thief Widdershins has finally come to terms with the pain and grief that drove her to leave. When she returns, all she can hope is that her old friends can forgive her hasty actions. But even that may be too much to ask…because home is not what it used to be.

The entire city is on edge, with unrest and rumors of upheaval spreading through the darkened streets, and Shins is shocked to discover that she already knows the person behind the strife all too well—her dreaded nemesis, Lisette Suvagne. Thanks to an unholy bargain with otherworldly powers, the vindictive Lisette is far more dangerous than before—and far too formidable even for Shins and her personal god, Olgun, to confront alone.

Now, for the sake of her friends, her city, and her own soul, Shins must gather allies from every corner of Davillon—lawful, unlawful, and seriously unlawful—if she hopes to face the greatest challenge of her life.

Because the greatest challenge of Widdershins’ life might also be the end of it…


“A fitting finale for a series that has concerned itself with the growth of its protagonist. The prose is purple, the stakes are high, and the ending is exactly right. Smart fantasy with heart and enough bad puns to last a lifetime.“


“I had high expectations and Marmell did not disappoint! […] I really enjoyed this book. It was smartly written as both an action story and as a coming of age story. This was the best possible way Marmell could have ended this series.”

Kobold Press

“The action in COVENANT’S END is close to non-stop […] The book is fast-paced with a plot that is just complicated enough […] This is a fun premise with an engaging pair of characters.”

Fantasy Literature

”Ari Marmell couldn’t have written a better conclusion to the series in my opinion. With each new book in the series he seems to have outdone himself but with COVENANT’S END he really did it […]The Widdershins Adventures is an amazing series and couldn’t have gotten a better conclusion than what Ari Marmell wrote in COVENANT’S END […] Highly recommended.”

The Book Plank

“[The Widdershins Adventures] are unlike any YA I’ve ever read (in a good way!); the fact that there is great mix between the light and dark, with plenty of humor balanced with some grim and heavy themes; the fact that we have an extraordinary premise based around the partnership between our protagonist and her own “personal god”; and of course, the fact that Marmell is utterly fearless when it comes to doing what’s right for his story.”

The Bibliosanctum

“Marmell wraps up the series well. He’s true to the characters and the situations he’s established in the previous books. The outcome is logical. Marmell refuses to take the easy way out, especially where Widdershins’ god Olgun is concerned […] [This] is one of the freshest, most entertaining fantasy series on the market.”

Adventures Fantastic

“I have enjoyed all four ‘Widdershins’ novels and would recommend them to anyone, young or old. So, go on and treat yourself and get all four books. You won’t regret it.”


“COVENANT’S END is a fantastic end to an amazing series [...] I’ve loved this series from the beginning and with each new book truly enjoyed myself.”

The Qwillery

“For a book as dark, foreboding, bloody and so […] final, I sure spent a lot of time smiling and chuckling. It’s a quick, exciting read that checks off every tick box you might have for a finale.”

The Irresponsible Reader

“COVENANT’S END is the last book in an exciting, dark, funny, torturous, series […] This is a book for fans of all types of fantasy and adventure novels; the plot is driven by action and the action drives the character development.”

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Book Plank: “Best Young Adult Novels of 2015”