First Command (#2)

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The second in a six-volume collection of the legendary John Grimes books! Classic Star Trek meets the high seas. If space travel is going to be anything like sailing the oceans, then A. Bertram Chandler has surely caught its absolute essence in his Grimes novels. Here it is, the entire “Captain John Grimes—Far Traveller Courier” saga, collected in one volume. These are the tales of John Grimes’ action-packed merchantman and courier years. After moving on from the Terran Navy, Grimes tries his hand at leading a private life, and finds he likes being his own man. The only problem is, his ship The Far Traveller has a (very stubborn and very feminine) mind of its own—and a penchant for getting Grimes into the worse sort of interplanetary pickles!

Includes: Spartan Planet, The Inheritors, The Big Black Mark and The Far Traveller, with the classic John Grimes stories that started it all.


“True-blue Grimes fans should be satisfied […] eminently readable.”

Galaxy Bookshelf

“As in many sf works, the character of the computer is best developed, but the humans hold their own throughout this diverting, often uproarious tale.”

Library Journal

“THE FAR TRAVELER keeps up that established tradition for this reader.”

The Madison Review of Books

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