Lady Eve’s Last Con

Ruth Johnson and her sister Jules have been small-time hustlers on the interstellar cruise lines for years. But then Jules fell in love with one of their targets, Esteban Mendez-Yuki, sole heir to the family insurance fortune. Esteban seemed to love her too, until she told him who she really was, at which point he fled without a word.

Now Ruth is set on revenge: disguised as provincial debutante Evelyn Ojukwu and set for the swanky satellite New Monte, she’s going to make Esteban fall in love with her, then break his heart and take half his fortune. At least, that’s the plan. But Ruth hadn’t accounted for his younger sister, Sol, a brilliant mind in a dashing suit… and much harder to fool.

Sol is hot on Ruth’s tail, and as the two women learn each other’s tricks, Ruth must decide between going after the money and going after her heart.


"[A] vivacious heist romance... This is a romp that builds to a spectacular ending."

New York Times

"Spiced with clever sci-fi touches that make the romance feel fresh and exciting, this is compulsively readable and totally delightful."

Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review!

"A high-flying sapphic romance… Readers who have fallen hard for the recent run of SF caper mysteries, such as The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal, Floating Hotel by Grace Curtis, and You Sexy Thing by Cat Rambo, will find similar thrills in this debut."

Library Journal

"This is an im­mensely enjoyable romp. I have a feeling I’ll be recommending it quite a bit over the next while. And I’m looking forward with interest to what Fraimow does next."


"Jazz Age drama smashes into glittering space opera, and boy, the sparks are worth the price of admission! Fraimow takes us on a clever, heartfelt and entertaining romp featuring high society, revenge, gangsters, and a cynical con artist in over her well-coiffed head. Delicious, propulsive fun."

Freya Marske, author of A MARVELLOUS LIGHT

"I could pick up a random page, out of context, and know instantly that it came from Lady Eve. It’s aspirational, and swoony, and I hope to see more bizarre shenanigan books soon from Fraimow."

Bookishly Jewish

"This is an excellent F/F romance in a well done science fiction world and I hope its not the last such book from Fraimow."