Lost Covenant (#3)

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After the tragic events that befell her and her friends, Widdershins–along with her aggravating personal god Olgun—fled her home city of Davillon searching for respite. But there is little peace to be found in the increasingly troubled land.

And no place is more troubled than the town of Lourveaux, where intrigues and conspiracies against both the church and the government buzz like flies. But Shins is more concerned with the local Delacroix family than whoever wants to take down the powers-that-be. Because her beloved, late adoptive father was a Delacroix.

Now, the last remnants of House Delacroix are under siege. Their crops are being blighted. A rival noble house is striving against them. And a ruthless criminal gang with their very own alchemist is working from the shadows to take them down. But Widdershins isn’t the kind of girl who forgets her family…

…and the enemies of the Delacroix have no idea what they’re about to come up against.


“Marmell’s writing has tightened considerably but stayed colorful […] giving fans everything they want in a Shins story.”


“Another solid entry in the continuing story of Widdershins from Marmell.”

SF Signal

“Marmell’s prose is brisk and funny […] I was delighted by LOST COVENANT.”

Fantasy Literature

“As usual, this latest installment of the series is a perfect mix of light and dark, balancing out the touching humor with plenty of horrors as well […] LOST COVENANT was a satisfying and entertaining adventure.”


“Lost Covenant is, far and away, the best book of this series yet. Marmell keeps topping himself, and this book is a fantastic showcase of his skill.”

Bookworm Blues

“The deeper I get into the Widdershins series, the more I’m impressed by Ari Marmell […] LOST COVENANT is an important third book in the Widdershins series. It adds depth to the series by showing the growth a character is capable of going through without losing her charm […] [I] recommend this book to anyone who loves a character-driven fantasy story that’s not afraid of a little action.”

The Qwillery

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