Meet Me in the Future

by Kameron Hurley

When renegade author Kameron Hurley (The Light BrigadeThe Stars Are Legion) takes you to the future, be prepared for the unexpected. Yes, it will be dangerous, frequently brutal, and often devastating. But it’s also savagely funny, deliriously strange, and absolutely brimming with adventure.

In these edgy, unexpected tales, a body-hopping mercenary avenges his pet elephant, and an orphan falls in love with a sentient starship. Fighters ally to power a reality-bending engine, and a swamp-dwelling introvert tries to save the world—from her plague-casting former wife.

So come meet Kameron Hurley in the future. The version she’s created here is weirder—and far more hopeful—than you could ever imagine.


“With snapshots of futures that haunt, obsess, or tantalize, this collection from Hugo-winner Hurley offers 16 hard-edged pieces that gleam like gems in a mosaic.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“[Hurley] has produced one of the best story collections of the past few years.”

Booklist, Starred Review

“A trek across galaxies that hits home, MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is a love letter to the best of science fiction.”

Foreword, Starred Review

“Very high quality.”


“Intriguing and enlightening.”

Strange Alliances

“[Hurley’s] view of the world in which we live calculating, messy, and true, and the stories she writes hit me right in the feels and make me want to help lead the revolution.”

Fairy Bookmother

“MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is an absolute gem.”

Starburst Magazine

“MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is a brilliant story collection that both amazes the reader with Hurley’s incredible imaginative genius and writing chops as well as it takes hold of the readers emotions like only the best fiction can.”

Grimdark Magazine

“If you enjoy dark and unsettling reads exploring fascinating themes, Meet Me in the Future is a must. The collection doesn’t contain a single bad story.”

Spooktastic Reads