Ride the Star Winds (#4)

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Number four in the collected adventures of the legendary John Grimes of the Galactic Rim series, including four novels:

The Anarch Lords: John Grimes’ short career as a somewhat benevolent space pirate is over, but he has sunk even lower, becoming a politician. He’s now the governor of a planet of anarchists, where term limits are unnecessary, what with all the assassinations taking place.
The Last Amazon: Back on Sparta, the formerly all-male planet, Grimes is waiting for his own ship to arrive when he’s caught up in yet another revolution—and you can’t tell the good guys (or gals) apart except by who wants to kill you at any given moment.
The Wild Ones: Back on Earth was the last place that Grimes expected to be. Another thing he hadn’t expected was accusations of witchcraft being taken seriously.
Catch the Star Winds: An experimental sailing ship of space was intended to exceed the speed of light. Then strange things happened involving time itself, and the crew wasn’t sure they would ever see home, or even their own home time, again.
Plus six interrelated short stories starring the indefatigable John Grimes, rounding out a large volume of space adventure with a dash of humor, and a likable hero who always manages to gamely muddle through.


“For those who like accessible space operas filled with great characters, alien cultures, high adventure and a fun, witty hero, RIDE THE STAR WINDS will definitely satisfy!”


“There’s plenty of humor and loads of fun – and if some of the concepts seem a bit dated, that’s part of the charm […] If you haven’t had the chance to make the acquaintance of Commodore John Grimes, you owe it to yourself to do so.”


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