Speak For Yourself

Girl meets boy.
Girl has crush on boy.
Girl gets friend to help win boy.
Boy has crush on friend . . .

Skylar’s got ambitious #goals. And if she wants to make them come true, she has to get to work now. (At least she thinks so . . .) Step one in her epic plan is showing everyone that her latest app is brilliant. To do that, she’s going to use it win State at the Scholastic Exposition, the nerdiest of academic competitions around.

First, she’ll need a team, and Skylar’s not always so good with people. But she’ll do whatever it takes to put one together . . . even if it means playing Cupid to set up her teammates Joey and Zane, at Joey’s request. When things get off to an awkward start for them, Skylar finds herself stepping in to help Joey. Anything to keep her on the team. Only Skylar seems to be making everything more complicated. Especially when she realize she might be falling for Zane, which was not a #goal. Can Skylar figure out her feelings, prove to the world her app’s potential, and win State without losing her friends-or is her path to greatness over before it begins?


"A clever cyber-age novel[...] Johnson successfully conveys the pitfalls of following too narrow a path in a novel whose wit and relatable crises keep pages turning."

Publishers Weekly

"Group chats, goal lists, press releases, and emails replete with coding and app-creating language give this charming romance a modern feel. Readers will enjoy the authenticity of the friendships and the crush drama as they read between the lines."

School Library Journal

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