Temporally Deactivated

Edited by Joshua Palmatier and David B. Coe

What does it mean to be “temporally deactivated?”  

Experience a historical moment through the intervention of a time travel agency. Be trapped inside a time bubble—willingly—so that you can save the universe from Darkness over and over again. Step outside of time at the order of your queen in order to stop a traitor…or to keep an assassin from destroying the future. Or travel forward into the future in order to kill off timelines to save your son…or backwards to halt an accident to save your relationship.  

Join fantasy and science fiction authors Ken Altabef, Alex Gideon, Stephen Leigh, D.B. Jackson, Faith Hunter, C.S. Friedman, Emily Randall, Gini Koch, Misty Massey, Rhondi Salsitz, Edmund R. Schubert, R.K. Nickel, Marie DesJardin, and Christine Lucas as they defy time and warp space in order to define what it means to be “temporally deactivated.” So get ready and hold on tight.  

It’s time to step outside of time.

Introduction by David B. Coe
“Keeper of the Light” by Ken Altabef
“The Eyes of Odin” by Alex Gideon
“All the Time in the World” by Stephen Leigh
“The Other Walker” by D.B. Jackson
“My Dark Knight” by Faith Hunter
“Eye of the Needle” by C.S. Friedman
“Tempus Erratum” by Emily Randall
“Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs. the Lord of Time” by Gini Koch
“The Mirror Trap” by Misty Massey
“Love and the Improper Unicorn” by Rhondi Salsitz
“Schroedinger’s Fractal” by Edmund R. Schubert
“Clockwork Corsair” by R.K. Nickel
“Compassionate Retry” by Marie DesJardin
“Neurons Lost and Found” by Christine Lucas


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