The Iron Hound (#2)

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Tensions flare between north and south, and hatreds erupt into war. Yet the conflicts of men are quickly overshadowed by a far greater threat. Creatures long kept confined rise from below, spreading destruction on an unimaginable scale. 

The flames of war are fanned by the Celestial Church, whose inquisitors and holy knights seek to destroy the pagans wherever they are found. A secret cabal creates unexpected allies, and pursues its own dark agenda…

While Malcolm Blakley seeks to end the war before all of Tenumbra is consumed, his son Ian searches for the huntress Gwendolyn Adair, and finds himself shadowed by the totem of his family, the Iron Hound. Gwen herself becomes allied with the pagans, and wrestles with the effect of having been bound to a god.


“Akers is able to build on every piece of the amazing world building which he had laid out in the first novel and up his storytelling game to boot […] THE IRON HOUND is exactly what you’d want to see in a sequel with an increase in both character development and pacing.”


“At first glance, THE IRON HOUND seems to be set in the faux Celtic fantasy landscape that so many books tend to be set in. Aker’s world is far more developed than many though – with intriguing conflicts forming the heart of this deep and vivid world. These conflicts lead to action – and it’s here where Akers truly excels, writing scenes that are exciting and action packed.”

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