The Roberts

by Michael Blunlein

Robert Fairchild is a genius.
He is also lonely.

Dubbed “the one-eyed architect,” Robert and his innovative buildings are praised to the skies. Suddenly his masterpiece, a dome made from a living membrane, collapses in on its inhabitants. Meanwhile his relationships disintegrate as he chooses his work over his lovers. Reeling from failure and paralyzed by self-doubt, what Robert needs is inspiration.

Robert needs Grace.

Unable to find someone to love, Robert decides to craft his perfect woman. But creating a woman is far more complicated than creating a building. Although Robert adores the lovely and compassionate Grace, he finds himself once again subsumed by his work. Their attempt at compromise has entirely unforeseen consequences. Suddenly trapped in a game of passion and jealousy, Robert is forced to confront all that is dearest to him: his work, his love for Grace, and, hardest of all, himself.


“Blumlein has a gift for beautifully evocative prose.”


“Blumein knows how to tell a story and how to hold a reader’s attention.”


“THE ROBERTS is an impressive novella packing emotional as well as intellectual punch which serves as an example of how speculative ideas and approaches can enhance rather than detract from the emotional core of a story […] Michael Blumlein has provided a model with this text that haunts the reader far beyond the brief hour or two required to read it.”

SF Site

“A breezy read with a terrific ending”’

Handee Books

“Blumlein is beyond any genre, a genuinely great writer.”

Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love

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