Threading the Needle (#2)

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Having survived the shattering of the Nexus, Wielder Kara Tremain and ex-Dog Allan Garrett have led their small group of refugees to a safe haven in the hills on the edge of the plains. But the ley system is not healing itself, and as the instability spreads they know soon no place will be safe. Their only chance is a desperate attempt to fix the ley lines themselves. To do that, they’ll have to enter streets controlled by vicious bands of humans and non-humans alike, intent on keeping what little they’ve managed to scavenge together from anyone else’s hands.

But as soon as they enter Erenthrall, they find themselves caught up in the maelstrom of violence, deception, and betrayal that the city has descended into—including the emergence of a mysterious and powerful cult calling themselves the White Cloaks, whose leader is called Father…

The same man who once led the terrorist group called the Kormanley and brought about the Shattering that destroyed the world.


“Palmatier juggles the ongoing plot lines adeptly. As he explores the relationships among ley, environment, and society, he delivers a fast-paced, often brutal tale.”

Publishers Weekly

"THREADING THE NEEDLE is an exciting adventure story with lots of action.”


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