Perfect for fans of Jason Reynolds and Kelly Yang, readers will love this heartfelt and genuine story about building community, finding family, and the power of Black girl magic. 

Bella “Unfadeable” Fades is determined to stay out of trouble. A wiser-than-her-years graffiti artist known for tagging walls and bridges in her Indianapolis neighborhood, the Land, Bella plans to spend her summer break laying low and steering clear of anyone who might tip off to social services that she’s living on her own.

But keeping a low profile is all but impossible when Bella discovers people in high places are trying to defund the Land. She has to find a way to fight back.

Getting involved will mean putting herself out there—making connections with unlikely friends and attracting potential enemies. But if Bella doesn’t put her trust in her neighbors and learn how to bring her community together, her home—and her future—will never be the same.


"This heart-wrenching story of friendship, family, and belonging is a perfect read for the middle-grader looking for action and attitude with a considerable dose of do-good."

Booklist, STARRED review!

"Readers will immediately root for [Bella] throughout this well-paced story that addresses the impact of gentrification and the power of young voices. The clear narration sends readers a strong message about civic responsibility and how they’re never too young to get involved in decision-making that affects their communities."

Kirkus, STARRED review!

"Broaddus has created an unforgettable protagonist in this novel that deals with creating community and fighting back against injustice[...] A must-buy for elementary and middle school collections. Sure to be popular with readers who enjoy books by Kelly Yang, Jason Reynolds, and Chrystal D. Giles."

School Library Journal, STARRED review!

"A testament to personal empowerment, community, and art. Broaddus delivers an optimistic story that champions community engagement and encourages standing up against oppressive systems."

Publishers Weekly, STARRED review!

"[A] thought-provoking story about the power, resilience, strength, and determination of young people, and how adults underestimate these rising voices."

Indiana Authors Awards

"Through Bella’s experiences, readers might learn how they, too, can speak truth to power"

The Spokesman-Review