Upon a Sea of Stars (#5)

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Pipe-smoking, action-loving spaceship commander Lieutenant John Grimes (think Captain Kirk with more of a navy, salty attitude) moves out of the Federation navy and finds his true calling adventuring along the spaceways of the galactic rim.

Number five in the collected adventures of the legendary John Grimes of the Galactic Rim series, including four novels:

  • Into the Alternate Universe (1964)
  • Contraband from Otherspace (1967)
  • The Rim Gods (1969)—story collection
  • The Commodore at Sea (a.k.a. Alternate Orbits, 1971)—four novelets.


“Mr. Chandler never ceases to amaze me […] The stories in this book are no exception. Despite how you might feel about these “dated” science fiction classics, one cannot argue with the entertainment factor.”


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