THE SUNLIT MAN is a NYT and USA Today Bestseller


Fans of the Cosmere, rejoice — Brandon Sanderson’s THE SUNLIT MAN has officially become a bestseller!

The novel has hit #12 on the New York Times bestseller list as well as #50 on the USA Today bestseller list this week. Across the pond, THE SUNLIT MAN also hit #8 on the Sunday Times list in the UK. What a fitting conclusion for the last of the Secret Projects, which was part of the #1 record-breaking Kickstarter of all time in 2022!

THE SUNLIT MAN is a standalone fantasy set in the Cosmere universe following Nomad, who is constantly running for his life from the dangers of the planet Canticle and the relentless Night Brigade that pursues him. Trapped, depleted of his powers, Nomad is instantly caught up in the struggle between a heartless tyrant and the brave rebels who defy him.

Congratulations, Brandon!