Awards and Accolades: TIME, Ignyte Awards, and More!


This past week has brought excellent news to many of our clients!

First and foremost, TIME Magazine listed its Top 100 Fantasy Books of All Time with two of our clients included! Brandon Sanderson’s bestselling Mistborn made the list for the precision used to carve out a complex magic system. TIME writes that “The detail with which Sanderson explores the hows and whys of allomancy in the novel, setting up a crescendo of action and adventure by its end, is a solid illustration of his own ‘First Law of Magics’…” We and the millions of Brandon’s readers agree that Mistborn‘s spot on the list is well-deserved!

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s critically acclaimed Gods of Jade and Shadow is also listed as a “vivid and colorful” novel. TIME raves, “Silvia Moreno-Garcia immerses readers into 1920s Mexico and seamlessly blends fairy tale and folklore into an inspiring quest narrative that poses pointed questions about purpose, power and freedom.”

Speaking of Gods of Jade and Shadow, it won the Ignyte Award for Best Adult Novel in the inaugural FIYAHCON this past weekend! Vault Comics also won for Best Comics Team for their work on These Savage Shores, a blisteringly gorgeous story about an old evil trying to find a home and instead finding beings far older and more terrifying than him.

But the good news doesn’t stop there — in a triple threat of a week, Silvia’s NYT-bestselling horror novel Mexican Gothic has been listed as one of the Scariest Books of All Time by MSN! It also debuted on Globe and Mail bestseller list at #7 this week, in addition to its weeks on the New York Times and LA lists, where it peaked at #2! Featuring a glamorous and brave protagonist, a haunted (?) house, and enough dread to give you goosebumps for days, Mexican Gothic is the perfect book to read at the end of October.

A huge congratulations to our clients for their well-earned accolades and awards!