Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses

Forthcoming July 2024

Riley Thomas is feeling stuck—she’s moved from California to Nebraska, she’s on a weeklong Oregon Trail family bonding excursion, and her luggage is lost. There’s no one her age on the trip except a tall, dark and irksome cowboy who wrongly assumes she has zero ability to handle the great outdoors. She can’t wait for this misery to end—even though going “home” isn’t even possible anymore.

Lone wolf Colton Walker loves the simpler life of the plains and his family’s tourism business that helps protect them. He’s a stand-up guy—not a love ‘em and leave ‘em type like his rival, Jake. And he knows better than to take his chances with a prairie princess like Riley.

But Riley’s got more sense than Colton thinks–and he’s not nearly as inflexible as he seems. And under a wide prairie sky of puffy clouds and bright stars, everything comes into focus–including a cowboy’s heart.

Katrina Emmel’s Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses will take you on a sweeping journey across the American prairie . . . once you love a boy in a Stetson, you’ll never be the same.


"A sweet, slow-burn romance with a swoon-y payoff."

Kirkus Reviews

"The Oregon Trail setting provides an evocative backdrop against which Riley and Colton’s snappy banter and push-pull dynamic plays out. Well-worn romance tropes delivered via tightly paced writing teeming with sunshiny vibes make this a swoony and uplifting read"

Publishers Weekly

“Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses is a delightful and romantic romp that will lasso your heart and never let go!”

Kristy Boyce, bestselling author of Dungeons and Drama

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