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JABberwocky eBooks now available through Baen!

We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with Baen Books to make many of our eBooks available through the Baen eStore. Baen eBooks are DRM-free and compatible with Kindle, Apple, Nook, Android, and other popular eReaders. We currently have over seventy titles available on sale, with more to come! Many of our beloved JABberwocky authors, including Elizabeth Moon, Jack Campbell, Tanya Huff, and Simon R. Green are available. Below are just a few of our titles that are on sale now!

Happy Reading!


Simon R. Green Sale!

Blood and HonorGood news, everyone! The eBook editions of BLOOD AND HONOR and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN from Simon R. Green’s Forest Kingdom series are on sale until March 31, 2016, for $2.99. The Forest Kingdom books are full of wit and charm, with quirky characters and plenty of humor.

In BLOOD AND HONOR, The Great Jordan’s purse is nearly empty when three men approach him in an alley and offer him the role of a lifetime—ten thousand ducats if the actor will impersonate the son of the late King Malcolm, whose untimely death has caused some to whisper of poisoning. A bit of magic makes Jordan look like royalty, but playing a prince is risky business…

In DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, deep in the Darkwood, on the border between two Down Among the Dead Menlong-feuding territories, a fort has been erected to keep the peace. But a month ago, the soldiers inside stopped speaking to the outside world. Led by the adventure-hungry warrior Duncan MacNeil, a party of Rangers is sent to investigate and discovers a massacre. Beneath this newly built fort is an ancient evil, a power older than the Kingdom itself, about to trap them in the dark.

Fans of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery stories shouldn’t miss the Forest Kingdom series!

March 11: BLOOD AND HONOR is on sale today for $1.99!

Pick them up now:

Blood and Honor | Down among the Dead Men

Charbonneau, van Belkom featured in Kobo Chilly Thrillers Sale!

It’s the end of February, so now is the perfect time to abandon the hope that Spring will ever come and curl up with a terrifying tale. Kobo agrees, which is why they’ve put Chilly Thrillers on sale until Monday 2/29! We’re thrilled that titles by both Louis Charbonneau and Edo van Belkom are featured at $2.99.

In Louis Charbonneau’s books, STALK, THE DEVIL’S MENAGERIE, and NIGHT OF VIOLENCE, an ex-CIA agent must evade the mafia, an FBI agent races against time to catch a serial killer hunting young women, and a low-level mobster tries to survive a night in the hotel from hell. All three have plenty of chills, with fast-pacing and nail-biting climaxes. Publishers Weekly said STALK has “believable characters and action aplenty.” THE DEVIL’S MENAGERIE is full of “nonstop suspense…this book is difficult to put down” (Library Journal). We’re also huge fans of the appropriately gruesome, cool, and modern cover art!

In Edo van Belkom’s TEETH, a detective must solve a series of murders by castration, while in MARTYRS, a Jesuit professor fights to save his students from an ancient evil. Both books were finalists for the Aurora Award, a prestigious award from the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. Robert J. Sawyer, winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards, compared TEETH to Stephen King’s Carrie, saying, “TEETH works on several levels: as an over-the-edge contemporary horror novel, as a police procedural, and as a thriller. From its unforgettable opening scene to its last page, TEETH will haunt you for the rest of your life; you will be mesmerized, repelled, and thrilled.” Fangoria called MARTYRS “strong and compelling,” and said that it is “chilling and compelling… a solid, finely crafted horror novel.”

Charbonneau_StalkThe Devil's MenagerieNight of ViolenceTeethMartyrs

CALAMITY Propels Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners Series to #1!


Great news today! We’ve learned that Brandon Sanderson‘s CALAMITY (buy) has propelled the Reckoners Series to the top of the New York Times series bestseller list, edging out the likes of Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid! Earlier in the week, the book hit #1 on the Audible bestseller list (for all titles, all genres), and #10 on the UK Hardcover list as well.

Our huge congratulations to Team Brandon, Delacorte, and everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

Midian Unmade is a Stoker Award Finalist!


We are pleased to announce that MIDIAN UNMADE, edited by Del Howison and Joseph Nassise, is a finalist for the 2015 Bram Stoker Award. This original horror anthology, inspired by Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED, has been nominated in the Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection category. The first book in Del Howison’s previous anthology series, DARK DELICACIES, won this award in 2005, and the other two anthologies in this series were finalists for the Stoker, Shirley Jackson, and Black Quill awards.


SHADOWSHAPER Adds Nebula to Constellation of Award Noms

Logo-Nebula-Web-square-e1455955268252shadowshaper_coverCongratulations are in order for Daniel José Older! His YA debut, SHADOWSHAPER (reviews|buy), is a finalist for the Andre Norton Award! Winners will be announced at the Nebula Awards in Chicago May 14th. Previous winners include JABberwocky client E.C. Myers, whose FAIR COIN won the award in 2013.

This latest nomination for SHADOWSHAPER comes on the heels of the book’s being named a finalist for the Kirkus Prize, the Locus Prize, and more! Check out the full list here, and an comprehensive post on other best-ofs here.

E.L. Tettensor’s Lenoir Novels Now Available as eBooks in the UK!

Darkwalker by E.L. TettensorWe’re very excited to announce that E.L. Tettensor’s fantastically reviewed Nicolas Lenoir novels, DARKWALKER (a 2015 Compton Crook finalist!) and MASTER OF PLAGUES have joined the JABberwocky eBook program! Both eBooks will be available for our readers outside of North America.*

Featuring brand new dark and evocative cover art, DARKWALKER and MASTER OF PLAGUES are police procedurals with a paranormal twist set in a world reminiscent of early 19th century London. Fresh Fiction called DARKWALKER “brilliant,” and said that it’s “a dark fantasy detective story that takes readers on a dark, sometimes disturbing journey.” Featuring the disillusioned but genius detective Nicolas Lenoir, Bookworm Blues said that DARKWALKER “packs a massive punch.” I Smell Sheep called Master of Plagues, “a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, blended with a dash of disturbing supernatural.”

In DARKWALKER, Inspector Nicolas Lenoir spends more time drinking than investigating his current assignment: a string of missing corpses. But when his young orphan informant goes missing, Lenoir is forced to dust off his renowned skills – fast. Lenoir will follow what few leads they have into Kennian’s darkest corners, Master of Plagues by E.L. Tettensorhoping to find the killers before time runs out.

In Master of Plagues, a deadly plague is running rampant through the city of Kennian, and all signs indicate it was deliberately unleashed. With the body count rising and the city descends into chaos and rioting, Lenoir must keep the calm in a city infected with fear and disease–while there is still a city to be saved.

Get DARKWALKER for £1.99 until February 21!

Amazon | Kobo | Nook | Google | iTunes

*Published by Ace/Roc in US and CA

Janci Patterson Reissues Debut Novel with a New Title!

skipped by Janci PattersonWe’re very excited to announce that SKIPPED (originally published as Chasing the Skip) by Janci Patterson, author of Giftchild, has been reissued! A coming-of-age YA novel, SKIPPED’s protagonist is a fifteen-year-old girl named Ricki, who has been abandoned by her mother into the care of her dead-beat, bounty hunter father. Now Ricki is along for the ride with her dad, living on the road and hunting for criminals who’ve skipped bail, or skips. Ricki is forced to confront her fears about abandonment and learn to trust the father who was never there for her.

SKIPPED also features brand new cover art and an updated edition. Read more about SKIPPED from Janci in her blogpost, which you can read here:

Pick it up now on all major e-tailers!
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Darkwalker Now $1.99 Until February 21st!

Darkwalker_mediumE.L. Tettensor’s DARKWALKER, starring police inspector Nicolas Lenoir, is available for $1.99 for two weeks only! This fantastically reviewed paranormal mystery is the first in the Nicolas Lenoir mystery series. When Lenoir’s young informant and friend, Zach, is kidnapped in a disturbing series of child abductions, Lenoir must race against the clock to solve the mystery, before settling his fate with the Darkwalker, a vengeful spirit who is hell bent on settling an old score.

The Bibliosanctum rated DARKWALKER 5 stars, saying DARKWALKER has, “an intriguing main character and rich, thorough world building; once the story takes off, it does not stop.” Bookworm Blues wrote that DARKWALKER “packs a massive punch. It’s dark, fun, unique, and emotionally jarring.”

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The Bands of Mourning on the New York Times Bestseller List!

BandsofMourning_coverWe are very happy to announce that THE BANDS OF MOURNING, Brandon Sanderson‘s Mistborn: Wax and Wayne novel, hit the New York Times Best Seller List! The title was #6 in hardcover fiction, #3 in ebook, and #3 in print and ebook combined. SHADOWS OF SELF, the previous book in the Wax and Wayne series, was a #8 New York Times bestseller, and the first book, ALLOY OF LAW, hit the list at #7.

In a rave review, Kirkus called it “a fast-paced novel that’s part Wild West, part Indiana Jones, and wholly entertaining, combining high emotional stakes with a deep, good-natured sense of humor.” In a similarly glowing review, Barnes & Noble praised its “witty, memorable characters; a fast-moving, plate-spinning plot; and a deepening of one of the most creative magic systems ever conceived.”

Pick up your copy today, to see what all this great buzz is about!

Midnight Texas gets the pilot green light from NBC, to be directed and produced by Niels Arden Oplev!


UPDATE 2/5/16: Niels Arden Oplev, of Mr. Robot, has signed on to direct and executive produce the pilot. Niels has successfully directed numerous pilots, and we are looking forward to watching it this Fall!


1/25/16: Good news for Charlaine Harris fans! NBC has given a pilot green light to Midnight Texas, which will be written and executive produced by Monica Owusu-Breen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and executive produced by David Janollari (Six Feet Under).

Midnight, Texas is Charlaine Harris’ exciting new series, which combines mystery, romance, and the supernatural. In their article “Five Reasons You Should Read Charlaine Harris’s MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD,” Barnes and Noble wrote, “Charlaine Harris is an icon. She’s found success writing mysteries, gothic horror, and paranormal fantasy. But it’s MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD. . .that may very well be her best–and most important–work to date…This novel will not only appeal to genre fiction fans but mainstream fiction readers as well. The blend of fiction, mystery, and supernatural fantasy is subtle and seamless.”

Charlaine’s series have already inspired two television adaptations. Her Aurora Teagarden books have been made into two TV movies by Hallmark (with two more coming in 2016!), and her Sookie Stackhouse series inspired the hit HBO series True Blood.

Sing the Four Quarters Reissued as a Paperback!

We’ve talked about how much we love Tanya Huff’s Sing the Four Quarters on Sing the Four Quarters by Tanya Huffhere many times, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that we’ve decided to reissue this classic fantasy novel as a Paperback! Featuring the beautiful cover art from our recently published eBook, Sing the Four Quarters is a novel you’ll never regret adding to your shelf so you can read it over and over again. Even decades after its release, Sing the Four Quarters remains a unique story about family, political intrigue, and LGBTQ relationships by master fantasy writer Tanya Huff.

Pick it up now:

Amazon | Createspace eStore

STEELHEART On Sale and Featured at Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble!

Steelheart-Reckoners-1-Brandon-SandersonBrandon Sanderson’s #1 New York Times bestselling novel STEELHEART is receiving multiple features right now and is available as an eBook for $1.99 for a limited time! On Amazon Kindle, STEELHEART has been chosen as part of Kindle’s Select 25, which will run for two weeks until February 12. Barnes & Noble has chosen it as part of “Teen Books under $5.00,” and it is also being featured on the “Weekly Bestsellers Under $4” list at iTunes.

Kirkus Reviews called STEELHEART (book 1 in the Reckoners Trilogy) “A straight-up Marvel Comics-style action drama,” while Publishers Weekly called it, “an absolute page-turner.”  The A.V. Club wrote, “The veteran fantasy author’s world-building expertise is on full display here, making his horrifying vision of Chicago all the more chilling and exciting for readers of all ages to explore.”

Whether you’re a Brandon Sanderson afficionado or new to his work, STEELHEART is a must read! Grab your e-copy from your preferred e-tailer today!

Amazon | Kobo | Nook | Google | Apple

It’s also a Nook Daily Find on February 2nd!

Massive 50% Off Sale at Kobo!

Kobo is offering a massive 50% off sale for every book published via Kobo Writing Life until Sunday, January 31! Readers can get 50% off any title using the promo code JAN1650! The code can be used an unlimited number of times, so you can grab as many discounted ebooks as your virtual cart can carry!

Most of JABberwocky’s ebooks are part of this sale, so now is the perfect time to grab those titles you’ve been eyeballing! To get you started, we’ve selected a by-no-means comprehensive list of our participating ebooks. For a comprehensive list of our ebooks, click here.

Interested in a specific genre? Click to jump to mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror, or YA section.

Kobo’s promo code (JAN1650)  is valid for use by customers in the US, CA, GB, AU, and NZ.

A Secret Rage by Charlaine Harris

Available in the US & CA

Sweet and Deadly by Charlaine Harris

Available in the US & CA


Available worldwide

The Ice

Available worldwide

Down Home Murder

Available worldwide
first in a series

Where Are They Now? / Tilda Harper

Available worldwide
first in a series

Veil of Lies by Jeri Westerson

Available in the UK
first in a series

Corruption of Faith by Brenda English

Available worldwide
first in a series


Servant of the Underworld by Aliette de Bodard

Available worldwide
first in a series

The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack Campbell

Available worldwide
first in a series

The Elfin Ship

Available in the US & CA
first in a series

Shadowkings by Michael Cobley

Available worldwide
first in a series

Osama by Lavie Tidhar

Available worldwide

A Short Story Collection by Elizabeth Moon

Available worldwide

Drinking Midnight Wine by Simon R. Green

Available worldwide

Moths to a Flame Featured EBook

Available worldwide

Science Fiction
Dirigent Mercenary Corps

Available worldwide
first in a series


Available worldwide
first in a series

Mistowlrd by Simon R. Green

Available in the UK
first in a series

Heart of Veridon feature

Available worldwide
first in a series

Ejecta by William C. Dietz

Available worldwide

Rumor of Angels

Available worldwide

Jack Campbell short stories

Available worldwide

The Plutonium Blonde

Available worldwide
first in a series


Available worldwide

Vampire Vow by Michael Schiefelbein

Available worldwide
first in a series

Blood Brothers

Available worldwide

Dark Delicacies 2 by Del Howison

Available worldwide

Young Adult


Available worldwide


When Werewolves Attack: Updated for 2016 and now a Paperback!

When Werewolves AttackWhen Werewolves Attack is full of humor from Del Howison, a Shirley Jackson and Bram Stoker award winner and finalist for Best Anthology. Featuring a brand new chapter and updates from the author, When Werewolves Attack is a “field guide” for saving yourself (and your friends and family) in the event you should encounter a werewolf. Increase your survival chances by learning how to track and identify werewolves, how to fight back with the most effective techniques and weapons, and even how to trap and train a werewolf!

Following in the tradition of Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone: Your Guide to Meeting, Dating and Seducing a Vampire, written with Elizabeth Barrial, When Werewolves Attack is a brilliantly funny take on the history and mythology of werewolves and our worldwide fascination with the beasts of legend. When Werewolves Attack was originally published in 2010 by Ulysses Press.

It’s a fantastic read for the horror or paranormal fantasy lover, from one of the editors of the Bram Stoker award-winning Dark Delicacies horror anthology series. Pick up this updated paperback edition of When Werewolves Attack or add it to your digital shelf as an eBook!

Amazon | Createspace eStore

eBook Reissues of Aliette de Bodard’s Obsidian and Blood Trilogy!

Servant of the Underworld by Aliette de BodardHarbinger of the Storm by Aliette de BodardMaster of the House of Darts by Aliette de Bodard

We’re excited to announce that The House of Shattered Wings author Aliette de Bodard has joined the JABberwocky eBooks lineup with her critically acclaimed Obsidian and Blood trilogy. SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD, HARBINGER OF THE STORM, and MASTER OF THE HOUSE OF DARTS are historical noir fantasies set in the incredible setting of Tenochticlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire, during the 15th century.

The trilogy features Acatl, High Priest for the dead and investigator, who must solve mysteries while contending with magic, demons, and the gods themselves. The Examiner called Bodard’s writing “polished and striking, as she convincingly fills in the colorful elements of the Aztec culture… beautiful, grimy, breathtaking, and morbid.”

Sean Williams called SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD a “gripping mystery steeped in blood and ancient Aztec magic,” while Elizabeth Bear said, “Amid the mud and maize of the Mexica empire, Aliette de Bodard has composed a riveting story of murder, magic and sibling rivalry.” Publishers Weekly praised de Bodard, saying that she “incorporates historical fact with great ease and manages the rare feat of explaining complex culture and political system without lecturing or boring the reader.”

For more information about the series, visit Aliette’s website.

Don’t miss this beautifully written and unique trilogy, available now at all major e-tailers!

Servant of the Underworld: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Google | iTunes
Harbinger of the Storm: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Google | iTunes
Master of the House of Darts: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Google | iTunes

Tanya Huff’s THREE QUARTERS Now Available!

Rejoice! Tanya Huff’s beloved Quarters universe is back in eBook format with three short stories collected together for the first time in THREE QUARTERS. The anthology features fan-favorite sibling assassins Vree and Bannon as well as a new foreword and story introductions by the author.Three Quarters by Tanya Huff

The gorgeous cover art not only coordinates perfectly with the rest of the Quarters series, it also evokes the chilly winter settings of the tales, making it perfect reading on a cold winter night. Fans of the Quarters series will love this perfect compendium to the author’s full-length work.

Don’t miss newest collection from the author Romantic Times called, “A consummate craftsman, Ms. Huff always entertains us in a myriad of wonderful ways.”

Pick up THREE QUARTERS at all major e-tailers today!

WINDSWEPT nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award!

Windswept-144dpiGreat news for Adam Rakunas!

We are pleased to announce that WINDSWEPT–which The Seattle Review of Books described as “a classic noir story shot full of space-rum and rocketed into the future”–is nominated for the 2016 Philip K. Dick Award. This award is presented each year for the best science fiction original paperback. JABberwocky has had two previous Philip K. Dick Award winners. Mark Hodder won the award in 2010 for THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF SPRING-HEELED JACK, and Adam-Troy Castro won in 2008 for EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD. R.A. Lafferty and Walter Jon Williams have been nominated as well.

Pick up your copy of WINDSWEPT today, and check back on March 25th when the winner is announced!

Michael Cobley, Epic SFF Writer, is Back

Michael Cobley has just released Ancestral Machines, a new standalone epic space opera, set in the same world as the Humanity’s Fire trilogy. If you’re a fan of Cobley’s science fiction novels, be sure to check out his unconventional Ancestral Machines by Michael Cobleydark fantasy series, Shadowkings, where he also uses his epic world building skills to great effect. Infinity Plus called Shadowkings “a refreshing and believable take on the Fight Against Insurmountable Evil Foes sub-genre.” Now with new and stylish covers, The Shadowkings series is a great addition to the digital bookshelves for those who want a traditional sword and sorcery with excellent world building that is as well-written as it is dark.

The Shadowkings trilogy begins with the story of the heroes of the Khatrimantine Empire, the last valiant defenders of an empire that has been ravaged by invasion sixteen years before. The heroes or the empire gather their strength to attack the Mogaun, vast hordes of warriors led an evil deity, the Lord of Twilight, in hopes that one decisive strike can begin to turn the tide.

Writing for the Guardian, Jon Courtenay-Grimwood called it, “brutal, cruel and realistic in a way genre usually avoids.” Infinity Plus writes, “[Cobley] has taken traditional sword and sorcery to some new and perhaps uncomfortable places.” Shadowkings is a must-read series for readers craving an adult, dark, epic fantasy series!

Pick it up now from all major e-tailers!

Shadowkings: Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Google Play | iTunes

Shadowkings by Michael CobleyShadowgod by Michael CobleyShadowmasque by Michael Cobley

Attention Authors: Our Venerable Founder is Open to Queries

Our President and head JABberwock, Joshua, is open to unsolicited queries. This is the first time in a long time that he’s been open to unsolicited queries and possibly only until February 14th. Joshua has groomed many of our top authors and has personally sold dozens of first novels.

Joshua is looking for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, and non-fiction. For more details on what he’s look for and guidelines on what to send, read this blogpost. To submit, please send a brief, one page query letter that addresses relevant details about you and your manuscript. Optionally, you may paste a 1-3 page synopsis into the body of your email, but please don’t use email attachments. Send them via old-fashioned stamped letter or to queryjoshua [at] awfulagent [dot] com. Queries that don’t follow these guidelines will be deleted unread by our ruthless agency assistant, Ben Grange.

We look forward to seeing your excellent ideas!

The JABberwocks


GEMINI CELL by Myke Cole is now available for $1.99 in eBook format at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, and iBooks! A Gemini Cell by Myke Colemix of magical fantasy and military sci-fi, SFF World writes, “Myke has given readers perhaps the most brutally honest and naked look in (fantasy) fiction at the effect of a life of war on an individual and those he loves.”

Don’t miss Myke Cole’s fantastically reviewed GEMINI CELL! Buzzfeed named the book one of their “Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror reads for January,” writing, “Myke Cole’s novels are like crack: they’re highly addictive, and this one is no exception. We have trouble putting it down.”

Set in the Shadow Ops universe but at the start of a new arc, GEMINI CELL is a perfect book for Myke Cole fans or those who want to try something new. called GEMINI CELL “an intensely emotional story, focused on two people who have lost their loved ones…It’s also easily his best work to date.” GEMINI CELL is the first book in the Operator series, with the second book, Javelin Rain, due out at the end of March.

Pick it up now!

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Simon R. Green eBook Releases!

Swords of Haven by Simon R. GreenGuards of Haven by Simon R. GreenBlue Moon Rising by Simon R. GreenOnce in a Blue Moon by Simon R. Green

We’re excited to announce the release of four classic Simon R. Green titles for the first time in the UK as JABberwocky eBooks! We’ve released The Guards of Haven and The Swords of Haven, two Hawk & Fisher omnibuses featuring six tales of the crime fighting duo, with beautiful new cover art. Swords of Haven is available in the United Kingdom, while Guards of Haven is available worldwide!

Prism UK called the Hawk & Fisher books “Swift, intriguing and lively. Green has a marvelous gift of leavening grim situations with wicked wit, and the intrigues are intricate enough to leave even the most practised mystery-solver puzzling. A stormer of a series.” The Science Fiction Chronicle called Haven, the setting for the Hawk & Fisher adventures, “ the most interesting settings yet to appear in fantasy fiction.”

We’ve also released Blue Moon Rising (Book 1) and Once in a Blue Moon (Book 5) from the Forest Kingdom series, also featuring brand new cover art! The Forest Kingdom series is a must-read for sword and sorcery lovers, as well as fans of the Hawk & Fisher series. Green Man Review wrote of the Forest Kingdom series, “Mad and epic and wild and weird and wonderful as it is, somehow feels intimate and personal for it… this is a book I wholeheartedly recommend to fantasy lovers.”

Don’t miss adding these wonderful books to your digital shelf!

Find them at your e-tailer of choice!

SHADOWSHAPER shortlisted for the 2015 Cybils Award!


We are pleased to announce that Daniel José Older‘s SHADOWSHAPER is a finalist for the 2015 Cybils Award. According to their website, The Cybils Award “aims to recognize the children’s and young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and popular appeal.” The winner will be announced on February 14th.

SHADOWSHAPER was also nominated for the 2015 Kirkus Prize, has garnered five starred reviews, and has made numerous “Best of the Year” lists (see our post below for the full account!). Pick up your copy of this excellent book today!

Best-of Lists and Awards Update!

Now that awards season is upon us, we’ve been receiving a great deal of good news for our JABberwocky authors!



Five JABberwocky authors appeared on Buzzfeed’s recent “32 Best Fantasy Books of 2015″ list! Buzzfeed highlighted Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s SIGNAL TO NOISE, calling it a “charming debut”; Daniel José Older‘s HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES, the “engaging beginning to a promising new series”; Brandon Sanderson’s SHADOWS OF SELF, full of “excitement, adventure, and magic”; Peter V. Brett‘s “endlessly fascinating and increasingly complex” THE SKULL THRONE; and Michael J. Sullivan‘s “fast-paced and entertaining” THE DEATH OF DULGATH. released their Reviewer’s Choice list for the Best Books of 2015. “The G” chose Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s SIGNAL TO NOISE as one of their favorites, saying: “It’s premised on the notion of magic that’s activated by music, which—as a music obsessive—really struck a chord with me (sorry—I couldn’t help myself there). But, like many of the best novels, it’s really about growing up, and dealing with the fallout from how that transpires. Moreno-Garcia is a wonderful writer, and I look forward to reading her next novel.”




School Library Journal chose Daniel José Older‘s SHADOWSHAPER for their Best Books of 2015: Young Adult list. The novel has received great critical acclaim, with starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Romantic Times, and School Library Journal.




SHADOWSHAPER was also a finalist for the 2015 Kirkus Prize, and it made Kirkus’ “Best Teen Books of 2015” list. In their starred review, Kirkus raved: “Warm, strong, vernacular, dynamic—a must.”



Barnes and Noble released their Best Science-Fiction and Fantasy of 2015 list, barnes-noble_couponsand included two JABberwocky titles on their list of twenty-five!  Daniel Jose Older’s HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES, which they called “vividly realized,” was one, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s “charming literary fantasy,” SIGNAL TO NOISE, was another. For their “6 of the Most Fascinating Galactic Empires Outside of Star Wars” list, B&N selected Dave Bara‘s STARBOUND.


rt-bannerAdditionally, RT Book Reviews just released their nominations for the Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and SIGNAL TO NOISE made the shortlist for Best Fantasy Novel. Erin Lindsey‘s BLOODFORGED, made the Best Epic Fantasy Novel list.



Waterstones chose Brandon Sanderson’s SHADOWS OF SELF and Peter Brett’s THE SKULL THRONE for their Best Fantasy Books of 2015 list. Both titles were also recently nominated for Best Fantasy in the Goodreads Choice Awards.


Reddit released their Stabby Awards for the best fantasy novels of 2015, selecting two of Brandon Sanderson’s works. SHADOWS OF SELF won Best Novel, and “The Perfect State” won for Best Short Fiction.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s SIGNAL TO NOISE and Daniel José Older’s SHADOWSHAPER were both selected for Galleywampus‘s “Favorite Books of 2015” list.

Daniel José Older’s SHADOWSHAPER was chosen as one of Esquire Magazine‘s “80 Books Every Person Should Read”, along with books like The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Many JABberwocky authors have been selected for the Fantasy Faction “Best Fantasy Books of 2015” list: Brandon Sanderson made the list twice, with FIREFIGHT at #32 and SHADOWS OF SELF at #22; Michael J. Sullivan’s THE DEATH OF DULGATH made #30; THE SKULL THRONE by Peter Brett was #16; and Myke Cole’s GEMINI CELL came in at #15.

HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES and MIDNIGHT TAXI TANGO in Daniel José Older’s Bone Street Rumba series was selected as one of Al Día’s Best Books of 2015. According to Al Día, these books “redefine the urban fantasy genre.”

Mayhem and Magic selected Leigh Perry’s THE SKELETON TAKES A BOW for Pam’s 2015: Top Picks, calling it “a great cozy mystery.”

Myke Coles’ GEMINI CELL was selected as one of Rob’s Blog o’ Stuff’s Favorite Fantasy Novels of 2015. He also gave an honorable mention to Peter V. Brett’s THE SKULL THRONE.

Denver Library chose Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s SIGNAL TO NOISE as one of the “Adult Books with Teen Appeal” on their “Best and Brightest Teen Books” list. Moreno-Garcia’s novel was also mentioned by Jason Heller in A.V. Club’s pop-culture recap article, as one of his “favorite novels of the year.”

Continuing in the praise for SIGNAL TO NOISE, i09 chose this “wonderfully plotted” story as one of the “Very Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2015.” Shelf Talk also chose the book for their Best of the Year list, and Vice listed it in their article, “Why 2015 Was Another Good Year to be a Geek.” SIGNAL TO NOISE also made Best Fantasy Book‘s “Top 25 Best Fantasy Books of 2015” list.

Scott Meyer’s AN UNWELCOME QUEST was picked by SFFWorld for their “Best of 2015” Review.

Strange Currencies selected Myke Cole’s GEMINI CELL and Peter V. Brett’s THE SKULL THRONE as two of the “Top 5 Books Published in 2015.” The Book Plank also chose GEMINI CELL for their “Best Urban Fantasy of 2015” list.

Both E.L. Tettensor’s MASTER OF PLAGUES and Brandon Sanderson’s FIREFIGHT made Bibliosanctum‘s “Best of 2015” list.

The Book Plank chose Brandon Sanderson’s FIREFIGHT for their “Best Young Adult Books of 2015”, along with Ari Marmell‘s “highly recommended” COVENANT’S END.

Robert Brockway‘s THE UNNOTICEABLES was picked as one of the “30 Best Fiction Books of 2015” by Paste Magazine!

Daniel José Older’s “cinematically paced fantasy of bright originality SHADOWSHAPER was chosen for Booklist‘s Editors’ Choice, Books of 2015″ list! It was also picked for Kirkus’ “Best Teen Books of 2015” list, and the “Best Multicultural Books of 2015” Pinterest list. SHADOWSHAPER was also selected for Seven Scribes“This Year in Color.”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist just released the Top 5 Speculative Fiction list of 2015, which includes Myke Cole‘s GEMINI CELL!

Myke Cole’s GEMINI CELL is also on SFFWorld’s Best of 2015 Horror/Fantasy list, along with Jim C. Hines‘ UNBOUND.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s SIGNAL TO NOISE made Bookriot‘s 13 of the Best Books of 2015 You Might Have Missed list, where they raved: “If you want a book that will have you feeling feels, this book is for you!” SIGNAL TO NOISE was also chosen for RT Book Review’s “Editor’s Best Books of 2015” list, and Curiouser and Curiouser‘s “Best Books of 2015” list.

Brandon Sanderson’s “incredibly satisfying” FIREFIGHT was picked for Buzzfeeds 24 Best Science Fiction Books of 2015″ list!

Welcome Nancy Farmer and Scott Meyer!


We are pleased to welcome two incredible new clients to the JABberwocky family!

Nancy Farmer is the National Book Award-winning author of THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION, A GIRL NAMED DISASTER, THE EAR, THE EYE, AND THE ARM, The Sea of Trolls trilogy, and more. With THE HOUSE OF SCORPION, she won both the National Book Award (one of a vanishingly small list of sf/f authors to do so) and received a Printz honor. She has also received three Newbery Honors and made countless “best of the year” lists, including lists by the American Library Association, Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Washington Post, to name a few.



Breakout author Scott Meyer has written the comic fantasy series Magic 2.0, in which an American hacker uses a computer program to alter reality. The first three books–OFF TO BE THE WIZARD, SPELL OR HIGH WATER, and AN UNWELCOME QUEST–have generated excellent buzz. SFFWorld raved: “This is a novel that is written with love, which makes you want to keep on reading page after page, and, above all, is simply so much fun. . . I can’t recommend this novel highly enough, and the sequel – Spell or High Water – is at the top of my anticipated list. A must-read.”