Saturday, 15 June 2019

Marie Brennan wins the Prix Imaginales Award!


Big congrats to Marie Brennan, whose novel, A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS, won the 2016 French Prix Imaginales award, for the best translation! This book is the first in Brennan’s Memoirs of Lady Trent series, and has had great acclaim both in France and in the U.S. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly raved: “Brennan’s world-building is wonderfully subtle, rendering a familiar land alien with casual details. Fans of fantasy, science, and history will adore this rich and absorbing tale of discovery.” After giving the novel 4.5/4.5 stars, RT Book Review called it “a tale historical fiction lovers and fantasy fans alike will adore. Isabella is a heroine readers will root for.”

With the fifth and final Lady Trent book coming out next year, now is the perfect time to catch up on this great series.

Scott Mackay wins Best Short Story at the Arthur Ellis Awards!

CWCLogo-SquareCongratulations to Scott Mackay on his win last night at the Arthur Ellis Awards! “The Avocado Kid,” published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, took the prize for Best Short Story. This is Scott’s second win, as he previously won an Arthur Ellis Award for his mystery short story “Last Inning.” Scott is the author of fantastic full length mysteries as well, including the Barry Gilbert series. Cold Comfort (Barry Gilbert #1) was a finalist for the Arthur Ellis Award.

Congratulations again, Scott!

SHADOWSHAPER on the New York Times Bestseller List!


We are very happy to announce another JABberwocky title on the New York Times bestseller list this week! Daniel José Older‘s SHADOWSHAPER hit #5 on the YA ebook bestseller list! SHADOWSHAPER has been incredibly well received, appearing on a great deal of Best of the Year lists and garnering five starred reviews. This book, which Kirkus calls, “Warm, strong, vernacular, dynamic—a must,” has gained both commercial and critical success—and the buzz just keeps growing.

Pick up your copy today—it’s a must!

NIGHT SHIFT Hits the New York Times Bestseller list!


NIGHT SHIFT, the third book in Charlaine Harris‘s Midnight, Texas series hit #19 on the combined print/ebook New York Times bestseller list! Following the smash success of the Sookie Stackhouse series—which inspired HBO‘s True Blood—Charlaine has created yet another incredible series. Publishers Weekly calls it “irresistible,” and RT Book Reviews praised its “unique and fascinating characters.”

Pick up your copy of this bestseller today, and stay tuned for some more Midnight, Texas news!


JABberwocky Authors are 2016 Locus Award Finalists!

Locus_All-TimeBestUpdate 5/4/16: We are happy to share that Daniel José Older’s SHADOWSHAPER and Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s SIGNAL TO NOISE have made it to the second round of nominations, and have been selected as one of the top five novels in the Best Young Adult Book and Best First Novel categories.  Be sure to vote if you have a Locus subscription, and check back in June for the results!

We are pleased to announce that Daniel José Older, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Kate Elliot were all nominated for the 2016 Locus Award! Older’s SHADOWSHAPER was nominated in the Best Young Adult Book category, Moreno-Garcia’s SIGNAL TO NOISE was nominated for the Best First Novel, and Kate Elliot’s THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOT was nominated for Best Collection. In addition to the award nomination, these titles all made it onto Locus’ 2015 Recommended Reading List!


Perfect State is a Hugo Award Finalist!

27234705._UY200_Perfect State, by Brandon Sanderson, was recently nominated for the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Novella! This thrilling novella about privilege, culture clash, and expectations, also won Reddit‘s 2015 Stabby Awards, and Fantasy Literature raved: “Perfect State is the kind of story that pushes all the right buttons.” Brandon Sanderson also won the Hugo Award for Best Novella in 2013, for The Emperor’s Soul.

If you are member of the World’s Science Fiction Society, don’t forget to vote! Winners will be announced on August 20th, so check back in then, and in the meantime, pick up your own copy of Brandon’s novella today.

The Wait is Over: THE PIRATES OF PACTA SERVANDA is Available Now!

The Pirates of Pacta Servanda by Jack CampbellGood news, everybody–Jack Campbell’s THE PIRATES OF PACTA SERVANDA is here! Book four of the Pillars of Reality series keeps getting better and better, so pick up Mari and Alain’s story as they head towards the kingdom of Tiae in their quest to save the world of Dematr from the coming storm.

You can read THE PIRATES OF PACTA SERVANDA is available as a paperback, eBook, or as an audiobook published by Audible. We’re also giving away five books on Goodreads, so be sure to enter our giveaway for a chance to win! The winners will be chosen on April 19th, so enter now!

If you haven’t picked up the Pillars of Reality series yet, now is the perfect time to binge read the series! The Arched Doorway called it, “the perfect mix of steampunk and fantasy,” while Bookaholic Cat called it, “a series that gets better and better with each new book.”

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Blaylock’s RAINY SEASON named a Best of Orange County!

The Rainy Season

JABberwocky eBook alum James P. Blaylock’s novel RAINY SEASON has been named in a list of Orange County Magazine’s ten essential novels that showcases Orange County, California’s literary best. Publisher’s Weekly called RAINY SEASON an “elegant, accomplished contemporary ghost story…that stands on very solid ground,” while Kirkus called it, “[A] seamlessly produced… intriguing and absorbing work from a major talent.”

RAINY SEASON tells the story of Phil Ainsworth, who is grieving after the sudden death of his young wife. He gets eerie sensations as he roams around the big, old house he inherited from his mother. He’s sure he’s seen people snooping around his property, by the old well that, in this wet weather, always seems ready to overflow. How much is real and how much is in his head? A late-night phone call brings more bad news: Phil’s sister has died, leaving her ten-year-old daughter Betsy an orphan and naming Phil as guardian. What he can’t know is that Betsy is a very special child. She has the ability to sense the powerful emotions of the past, to hear voices of the dead, and to see the uncanny powers that are closing in around this house…

RAINY SEASON is published by Gollancz in the UK and James P. Blaylock is represented by Zeno Agency, where you can find out more information about his books.

Congratulations, James!


Signal to Noise is a Finalist for the Aurora Award!


Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s SIGNAL TO NOISE was recently nominated for the 2016 Aurora Award, in the Best English Novel category. The award is presented every year by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association to honor the best work done by Canadians. The award will be announced in August.

In addition to this nomination, Moreno-Garcia’s novel has been a RT Reviewers’ Choice finalist for Best Fantasy Novel, as well as a finalist for the 2015 Locus Awards. SIGNAL TO NOISE was also selected for numerous Best of the Year lists, by review outlets including Kirkus, RT Book Reviews, Locus, Buzzfeed, BookRiot,, Barnes and Noble, and many more.

To find out what everybody’s raving about, pick up your copy today!

Aliette de Bodard Twice Golden at the British Science Fiction Awards


In an unprecedented victory, The House of Shattered Wings author Aliette de Bodard won two British Science Fiction Association awards, making her the first person since 1976 to win two awards in one year. Aliette won best novel for The House of Shattered Wings, (Ace/Roc in the US, Gollancz in the UK) and best short story for “Three Cups of Grief, By Starlight” (Clarkesworld). In a review for The Guardian, Eric Brown called de Bodard’s The House of Shattered Wings “something startlingly and creepily original.”

Once you finish her award-winning novel be sure to check out her fantastic backlist! We’re super proud to the be the eBook publisher of Aliette’s first published series, the Obsidian and Blood Trilogy. Set in the Aztec capital in Mexico, they’re full of the fresh settings, suspense, and mystery that the author is becoming so deservedly rewarded for.

Congratulations, Aliette!

Jon Sprunk Joins JABberwocky’s eBook Program!

Blood and Iron by Jon SprunkWe’re super excited to announce that the first two books Jon Sprunk’s the Book of the Black Earth series are now available as eBooks worldwide. BLOOD AND IRON and STORM AND STEEL are published by Pyr in the US and Canada, and are now available to international readers through the JABberwocky eBook program, featuring appropriately epic cover art to match Sprunk’s epic fantasy.

BLOOD AND IRON tells the story of Horace, a shipwrecked soldier who finds himself in an alien and threatening land. Enslaved by his enemies, Horace soon finds that he possesses zoana, a gift which will earn him a place in the royal court and a position within the revolution that is churning beneath the surface. Buzzfeed called BLOOD AND IRON sprunk_stormsteel_final“one part Shogun and four parts amazing,” while Kirkus called it, “Sheer fun, with engaging, pulse-quickening action, sympathetic characters and intricate intrigue.”

In STORM AND STEEL, the kingdom stands at the brink of war. As Horace has ascended from slave to First Sword and confidant of the queen. He must now harness his power as a sorcerer while navigating complex political intrigue in a foreign land. Meanwhile, a growing slave rebellion is threatening to tear the kingdom apart and Horace must choose between his opposition to human bondage and his newfound duty as the protector of the realm. SF Revu called STORM AND STEEL a book for “a fan of Roger Zelazny, George R.R. Martin, or anyone who likes the mystery of magic mixed with intrigue.”

Pick them up now at your e-tailer of choice!

Hold On To Your Meatbag

KCAlexanderIt’s with great excitement that we announce our most recent addition to the JABberwocky list, K. C. Alexander and her cyberpunk novel, NECROTECH, forthcoming from Angry Robot this September!  It’s a transhumanist masterpiece of cyberpunk and technology run amok, complete with an in-your-face female lead who doesn’t take no sh*t from nobody.

K. C., who you may know as Karina Cooper for her steampunk urban fantasy series, has made the leap into SFF. To say we’re thrilled to be working with her would be a massive understatement. Stephen Blackmore (Broken Souls) and Jason M. Hough (Zero World) expressed our own sentiments perfectly, calling NECROTECH a “tight, violent thrillride” and an “intense debut”, respectively.

SF Signal and Angry Robot have more information about NECROTECH (including a fantastic guest post from K. C.), so be sure to hop over!

Phil Jourdan is the acquiring editor for Angry Robot. Lisa Rodgers negotiated the deal for JABberwocky. Contact Krystyna Lopez for translation rights, and Sam Morgan for audio rights.

The Dragons of Dorcastle Sale!

The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack CampbellNormally, one must beware the ides of March, but if you haven’t started Jack Campbell’s Pillars of Reality series yet, today is the perfect day! Book one in the fantastically reviewed steampunk fantasy series, THE DRAGONS OF DORCASTLE, is a Nook Daily Find today and is on sale for $1.99! As a bonus, Amazon has price matched the eBook for Kindle users.

The Arched Doorway called THE DRAGONS OF DORCASTLE “the perfect mix of steampunk and fantasy,” and we have to agree. The Bibliosanctum wrote, “Its… wonderful characters made it very hard for me to resist its charms. All told, a very good book to just curl up and relax with.”

For those who can’t wait for more of Mari and Alain’s story, rejoice! Book four, The Pirates of Pacta Servanda, is currently available as an Audible audiobook and will be released as an eBook and trade paperback in April. Stay tuned!

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JABberwocky eBooks now available through Baen!

We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with Baen Books to make many of our eBooks available through the Baen eStore. Baen eBooks are DRM-free and compatible with Kindle, Apple, Nook, Android, and other popular eReaders. We currently have over seventy titles available on sale, with more to come! Many of our beloved JABberwocky authors, including Elizabeth Moon, Jack Campbell, Tanya Huff, and Simon R. Green are available. Below are just a few of our titles that are on sale now!

Happy Reading!


Simon R. Green Sale!

Blood and HonorGood news, everyone! The eBook editions of BLOOD AND HONOR and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN from Simon R. Green’s Forest Kingdom series are on sale until March 31, 2016, for $2.99. The Forest Kingdom books are full of wit and charm, with quirky characters and plenty of humor.

In BLOOD AND HONOR, The Great Jordan’s purse is nearly empty when three men approach him in an alley and offer him the role of a lifetime—ten thousand ducats if the actor will impersonate the son of the late King Malcolm, whose untimely death has caused some to whisper of poisoning. A bit of magic makes Jordan look like royalty, but playing a prince is risky business…

In DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, deep in the Darkwood, on the border between two Down Among the Dead Menlong-feuding territories, a fort has been erected to keep the peace. But a month ago, the soldiers inside stopped speaking to the outside world. Led by the adventure-hungry warrior Duncan MacNeil, a party of Rangers is sent to investigate and discovers a massacre. Beneath this newly built fort is an ancient evil, a power older than the Kingdom itself, about to trap them in the dark.

Fans of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery stories shouldn’t miss the Forest Kingdom series!

March 11: BLOOD AND HONOR is on sale today for $1.99!

Pick them up now:

Blood and Honor | Down among the Dead Men

Charbonneau, van Belkom featured in Kobo Chilly Thrillers Sale!

It’s the end of February, so now is the perfect time to abandon the hope that Spring will ever come and curl up with a terrifying tale. Kobo agrees, which is why they’ve put Chilly Thrillers on sale until Monday 2/29! We’re thrilled that titles by both Louis Charbonneau and Edo van Belkom are featured at $2.99.

In Louis Charbonneau’s books, STALK, THE DEVIL’S MENAGERIE, and NIGHT OF VIOLENCE, an ex-CIA agent must evade the mafia, an FBI agent races against time to catch a serial killer hunting young women, and a low-level mobster tries to survive a night in the hotel from hell. All three have plenty of chills, with fast-pacing and nail-biting climaxes. Publishers Weekly said STALK has “believable characters and action aplenty.” THE DEVIL’S MENAGERIE is full of “nonstop suspense…this book is difficult to put down” (Library Journal). We’re also huge fans of the appropriately gruesome, cool, and modern cover art!

In Edo van Belkom’s TEETH, a detective must solve a series of murders by castration, while in MARTYRS, a Jesuit professor fights to save his students from an ancient evil. Both books were finalists for the Aurora Award, a prestigious award from the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. Robert J. Sawyer, winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards, compared TEETH to Stephen King’s Carrie, saying, “TEETH works on several levels: as an over-the-edge contemporary horror novel, as a police procedural, and as a thriller. From its unforgettable opening scene to its last page, TEETH will haunt you for the rest of your life; you will be mesmerized, repelled, and thrilled.” Fangoria called MARTYRS “strong and compelling,” and said that it is “chilling and compelling… a solid, finely crafted horror novel.”

Charbonneau_StalkThe Devil's MenagerieNight of ViolenceTeethMartyrs

CALAMITY Propels Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners Series to #1!


Great news today! We’ve learned that Brandon Sanderson‘s CALAMITY (buy) has propelled the Reckoners Series to the top of the New York Times series bestseller list, edging out the likes of Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid! Earlier in the week, the book hit #1 on the Audible bestseller list (for all titles, all genres), and #10 on the UK Hardcover list as well.

Our huge congratulations to Team Brandon, Delacorte, and everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

Midian Unmade is a Stoker Award Finalist!


We are pleased to announce that MIDIAN UNMADE, edited by Del Howison and Joseph Nassise, is a finalist for the 2015 Bram Stoker Award. This original horror anthology, inspired by Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED, has been nominated in the Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection category. The first book in Del Howison’s previous anthology series, DARK DELICACIES, won this award in 2005, and the other two anthologies in this series were finalists for the Stoker, Shirley Jackson, and Black Quill awards.


SHADOWSHAPER Adds Nebula to Constellation of Award Noms

Logo-Nebula-Web-square-e1455955268252shadowshaper_coverCongratulations are in order for Daniel José Older! His YA debut, SHADOWSHAPER (reviews|buy), is a finalist for the Andre Norton Award! Winners will be announced at the Nebula Awards in Chicago May 14th. Previous winners include JABberwocky client E.C. Myers, whose FAIR COIN won the award in 2013.

This latest nomination for SHADOWSHAPER comes on the heels of the book’s being named a finalist for the Kirkus Prize, the Locus Prize, and more! Check out the full list here, and an comprehensive post on other best-ofs here.

E.L. Tettensor’s Lenoir Novels Now Available as eBooks in the UK!

Darkwalker by E.L. TettensorWe’re very excited to announce that E.L. Tettensor’s fantastically reviewed Nicolas Lenoir novels, DARKWALKER (a 2015 Compton Crook finalist!) and MASTER OF PLAGUES have joined the JABberwocky eBook program! Both eBooks will be available for our readers outside of North America.*

Featuring brand new dark and evocative cover art, DARKWALKER and MASTER OF PLAGUES are police procedurals with a paranormal twist set in a world reminiscent of early 19th century London. Fresh Fiction called DARKWALKER “brilliant,” and said that it’s “a dark fantasy detective story that takes readers on a dark, sometimes disturbing journey.” Featuring the disillusioned but genius detective Nicolas Lenoir, Bookworm Blues said that DARKWALKER “packs a massive punch.” I Smell Sheep called Master of Plagues, “a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, blended with a dash of disturbing supernatural.”

In DARKWALKER, Inspector Nicolas Lenoir spends more time drinking than investigating his current assignment: a string of missing corpses. But when his young orphan informant goes missing, Lenoir is forced to dust off his renowned skills – fast. Lenoir will follow what few leads they have into Kennian’s darkest corners, Master of Plagues by E.L. Tettensorhoping to find the killers before time runs out.

In Master of Plagues, a deadly plague is running rampant through the city of Kennian, and all signs indicate it was deliberately unleashed. With the body count rising and the city descends into chaos and rioting, Lenoir must keep the calm in a city infected with fear and disease–while there is still a city to be saved.

Get DARKWALKER for £1.99 until February 21!

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*Published by Ace/Roc in US and CA

Janci Patterson Reissues Debut Novel with a New Title!

skipped by Janci PattersonWe’re very excited to announce that SKIPPED (originally published as Chasing the Skip) by Janci Patterson, author of Giftchild, has been reissued! A coming-of-age YA novel, SKIPPED’s protagonist is a fifteen-year-old girl named Ricki, who has been abandoned by her mother into the care of her dead-beat, bounty hunter father. Now Ricki is along for the ride with her dad, living on the road and hunting for criminals who’ve skipped bail, or skips. Ricki is forced to confront her fears about abandonment and learn to trust the father who was never there for her.

SKIPPED also features brand new cover art and an updated edition. Read more about SKIPPED from Janci in her blogpost, which you can read here:

Pick it up now on all major e-tailers!
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Darkwalker Now $1.99 Until February 21st!

Darkwalker_mediumE.L. Tettensor’s DARKWALKER, starring police inspector Nicolas Lenoir, is available for $1.99 for two weeks only! This fantastically reviewed paranormal mystery is the first in the Nicolas Lenoir mystery series. When Lenoir’s young informant and friend, Zach, is kidnapped in a disturbing series of child abductions, Lenoir must race against the clock to solve the mystery, before settling his fate with the Darkwalker, a vengeful spirit who is hell bent on settling an old score.

The Bibliosanctum rated DARKWALKER 5 stars, saying DARKWALKER has, “an intriguing main character and rich, thorough world building; once the story takes off, it does not stop.” Bookworm Blues wrote that DARKWALKER “packs a massive punch. It’s dark, fun, unique, and emotionally jarring.”

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The Bands of Mourning on the New York Times Bestseller List!

BandsofMourning_coverWe are very happy to announce that THE BANDS OF MOURNING, Brandon Sanderson‘s Mistborn: Wax and Wayne novel, hit the New York Times Best Seller List! The title was #6 in hardcover fiction, #3 in ebook, and #3 in print and ebook combined. SHADOWS OF SELF, the previous book in the Wax and Wayne series, was a #8 New York Times bestseller, and the first book, ALLOY OF LAW, hit the list at #7.

In a rave review, Kirkus called it “a fast-paced novel that’s part Wild West, part Indiana Jones, and wholly entertaining, combining high emotional stakes with a deep, good-natured sense of humor.” In a similarly glowing review, Barnes & Noble praised its “witty, memorable characters; a fast-moving, plate-spinning plot; and a deepening of one of the most creative magic systems ever conceived.”

Pick up your copy today, to see what all this great buzz is about!

Midnight Texas gets the pilot green light from NBC, to be directed and produced by Niels Arden Oplev!


UPDATE 2/5/16: Niels Arden Oplev, of Mr. Robot, has signed on to direct and executive produce the pilot. Niels has successfully directed numerous pilots, and we are looking forward to watching it this Fall!


1/25/16: Good news for Charlaine Harris fans! NBC has given a pilot green light to Midnight Texas, which will be written and executive produced by Monica Owusu-Breen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and executive produced by David Janollari (Six Feet Under).

Midnight, Texas is Charlaine Harris’ exciting new series, which combines mystery, romance, and the supernatural. In their article “Five Reasons You Should Read Charlaine Harris’s MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD,” Barnes and Noble wrote, “Charlaine Harris is an icon. She’s found success writing mysteries, gothic horror, and paranormal fantasy. But it’s MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD. . .that may very well be her best–and most important–work to date…This novel will not only appeal to genre fiction fans but mainstream fiction readers as well. The blend of fiction, mystery, and supernatural fantasy is subtle and seamless.”

Charlaine’s series have already inspired two television adaptations. Her Aurora Teagarden books have been made into two TV movies by Hallmark (with two more coming in 2016!), and her Sookie Stackhouse series inspired the hit HBO series True Blood.

Sing the Four Quarters Reissued as a Paperback!

We’ve talked about how much we love Tanya Huff’s Sing the Four Quarters on Sing the Four Quarters by Tanya Huffhere many times, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that we’ve decided to reissue this classic fantasy novel as a Paperback! Featuring the beautiful cover art from our recently published eBook, Sing the Four Quarters is a novel you’ll never regret adding to your shelf so you can read it over and over again. Even decades after its release, Sing the Four Quarters remains a unique story about family, political intrigue, and LGBTQ relationships by master fantasy writer Tanya Huff.

Pick it up now:

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