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    Awards and Accolades: TIME, Ignyte Awards, and More!
    This past week has brought excellent news to many of our clients! First and foremost, TIME Magazine listed its Top 100 Fantasy Books of All Time with two of our clients included! Brandon Sanderson’s bestselling Mistborn made the list for the precision used to carve out a complex magic system. TIME writes that “The detail
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    Mallory O’Meara Hits the LA Times Bestseller List…Again!
    JABberwocky is pleased to share that Mallory O’Meara’s sensational debut, THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, hit #5 on the LA Times bestseller list in the paperback nonfiction category! The book had previously reached #8 on the LA Times bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction, where it remained for two weeks. THE LADY FROM THE BLACK
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    Grady Hendrix’s THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE is a New York Times Bestseller!
    We are happy to announce Grady Hendrix’ THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES hit #14 on the New York Times bestseller list this week! THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES has also hit the bestseller list on the following: The Southern Indies bestseller list (#2) The Midwest Indies bestseller list (#10)
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    Sanderson’s Starsight Hits #1 on the New York Times!
      Book 2 of Brandon Sanderson’s scifi YA series, STARSIGHT, had a phenomenal debut across formats, hitting #1 on the NY Times Hardcover Fiction list, #1 on the Audible list, #4 on the Washington Post Bestseller List, #7 on the USA Today Bestseller List and #1 on the Amazon Chart. This title has received lovely
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    Daniel José Older, Aliette de Bodard, and E.C. Myers Are All A Best of 2018, NPR Streak Triples
    Congratulations to Daniel José Older, Aliette de Bodard, and E.C. Myers for all being named to NPR’s Best Books of 2018! This also marks the sixth consecutive year in which a JABberwocky client has been named to NPR’s Best Books of the Year and the first year in which three (!) JABberwocky clients have made the
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    CALAMITY Propels Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners Series to #1!
    Great news today! We’ve learned that Brandon Sanderson‘s CALAMITY (buy) has propelled the Reckoners Series to the top of the New York Times series bestseller list, edging out the likes of Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid! Earlier in the week, the book hit #1 on the Audible bestseller list (for all titles, all genres), and
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    Bestsellers of SELF!
    Our hearty congratulations to Brandon Sanderson, whose newest novel SHADOWS OF SELF has landed on the New York Times bestseller lists this week! This book is the first installment in Brandon’s newest Mistborn trilogy and it landed on the New York Times‘ Hardcover list at #8, their ebook bestseller list at #5, and the combined
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    Charlaine Harris’ DAY SHIFT is a New York Times Bestseller!
    We’re thrilled to announce that Charlaine Harris‘ DAY SHIFT is a New York Times bestseller! It landed at #15 on the Hardcover list, #19 in ebook, and #20 on the combined print/ebook list. DAY SHIFT is the second novel in Charlaine’s Midnight, Texas trilogy, which Romantic Times called “an unusual and highly entertaining new series”
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    Steelheart Soars to #1
    a #1 New York Times bestseller! Brandon Sanderson has his first solo #1 book on the New York Times bestseller list, with STEELHEART soaring to the top spot on the YA list in its first week on sale.  It’s also #21 on the USA Today all-category all-format bestseller list, and #11 on the Indie Bestsellers
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    Brandon Sanderson chalks up a #6 New York Times Bestseller with THE RITHMATIST!
    Exciting news everyone! We just found out that THE RITHMATIST landed at #6 on the New York Times Bestseller list! This is the highest debut placement for an original work of fiction by Brandon Sanderson. This is his first young adult novel and it has already sold incredibly well prior to last week’s publication in
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    Internationally DEAD EVER AFTER!
      As of today, JABberwocky is excited to announce that DEAD EVER AFTER is currently the #1 bestselling book in not one, not two, not even three, but four countries! News of Sookie’s global domination is soon to be printed by the New York Times in the United States, the Sunday Times in the UK, the Toronto Star
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    A “Plague” of Locus Bestsellers
    The latest edition of Locus Magazine (out this week!) tallies up the bestselling SF/F titles for May and JABberwocky is happy to see three of our authors occupy a whole one-fifth of their hardcover and trade-paperback lists! Brandon Sanderson sits atop the hardcover list at #1 with A MEMORY OF LIGHT, but THE WAY OF KINGS (book
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    Unending DAYLIGHT in Germany!
    THE DAYLIGHT WAR, the third book in Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series, hit shelves in German bookstores one month ago this week. In its first week on sale, the book landed at the #5 spot on the Der Spiegel bestseller list. His previous novel, The Desert Spear, topped out at #16 in 2010. Now in its
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    Peter V. Brett’s THE DAYLIGHT WAR is #19 on the NY Times list!
    We are super excited (for the second time in two days–it’s been a great week) that Peter V. Brett’s new epic fantasy masterpiece, THE DAYLIGHT WAR, will debut on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list at #19! He’ll also be at #28 on the e-book bestseller list and #25 on the combined print &
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    THE DAYLIGHT WAR hits the Sunday Times of London bestseller list!
    Peter V. Brett’s THE DAYLIGHT WAR will debut at #3 on the UK’s Sunday Times bestseller list this Sunday! We are all so excited.This is Peter’s best UK debut yet–not too shabby for only his third novel. On top of the great sales, THE DAYLIGHT WAR has been getting great reviews, and his tour events
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    A new Simon Green!
    Simon Green’s latest, FOR HEAVEN’S EYES ONLY (get it here!), is on shelves now! FOR HEAVEN’S EYES ONLY is the fifth in Simon’s Eddie Drood/Secret Histories series. It’s also (drumroll please) his 40th novel. If you’re a fan of Simon’s enormous backlist, be sure to check out the books we’ve made available as ebooks here.
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    John Hemry’s latest is a New York Times bestseller!
    Big congratulations are in order for John Hemry: his latest book, DREADNAUGHT (buy it! | reviews), has hit #15 on the New York Times bestseller list! DREADNAUGHT is the first book in a new series, The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, published under the pen name Jack Campbell. Beyond the Frontier picks up where the
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    Simon R. Green’s Latest Is a New York Times Bestseller
    Simon R. Green‘s A HARD DAY’S KNIGHT, book #11 in Green’s bestselling Nightside series, will appear at #34 on the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list on January 23. A HARD DAY’S KNIGHT (get it here!) is Green’s 40th published novel. Congratulations, Simon–what fantastic news!
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    DEAD IN THE FAMILY was the #5 bestselling adult hardcover of 2010!
    2010 was a great year for Charlaine Harris. Her tenth Sookie Stackhouse novel, DEAD IN THE FAMILY, was an immediate bestseller all over the world, hitting bestseller lists from France to Australia. DEAD IN THE FAMILY was one of only six books this year to hold the top spot on the New York Times bestseller
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    THE WAY OF KINGS Bows at #7 on the NYT Bestseller List
    We are enormously proud to announce that Brandon Sanderson’s epic THE WAY OF KINGS, the first volume in THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE, will debut at #7 on the New York Times bestseller list on September 19th. This success is richly deserved–congratulations, Brandon! UPDATE: THE WAY OF KINGS will hold strong at #11 the week of September
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    Peter V. Brett Is a Bestseller in Germany
    UPDATE: THE DESERT SPEAR is officially on sale in Germany, and debuted at #16 on the Der Spiegel bestseller list. Way to go, Peat! We are enormously pleased to announce that Peter V. Brett’s THE DESERT SPEAR, book #2 in the Demon Trilogy, reached #40 on the Der Spiegel bestseller list when Amazon.de pre-orders shipped–before
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    Charlaine Harris Tops London Times Bestseller List
    Charlaine’s latest Sookie Stackhouse book, DEAD IN THE FAMILY (get it here!), has been listed as the #1 bestselling book for adults on the Sunday Times of London hardcover fiction list. DEAD IN THE FAMILY also topped bestseller lists across Australia and is going on six weeks in the top 6 on the New York
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    Charlaine Harris’ DEAD IN THE FAMILY a Chart-Topper in Australia
    Charlaine Harris‘ DEAD IN THE FAMILY (buy it here!) is a chart-topper in Australia! The tenth book in the #1 NYT bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series was the #1 bestselling novel for adults on every major newspaper bestseller list in the country. Congratulations, Charlaine!
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    Charlaine Harris’ DEAD IN THE FAMILY a #1 NYT Bestseller
    Charlaine Harris’ DEAD IN THE FAMILY, book #10 in the wildly popular Sookie Stackhouse series, is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list this week. This is the book’s second week on the bestseller list. DEAD IN THE FAMILY (buy it here!) sold more copies in its first day than the last book, DEAD
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    Jack Campbell a VICTORIOUS #10 NYT Bestseller
    Jack Campbell has once again hit the NYTimes bestseller list–this week, his latest LOST FLEET novel reached #10! VICTORIOUS (get it here!) is the sixth and final novel in his phenomenally successful Lost Fleet series. First week sales were up by 20% from the release of book #5, which were themselves up 20% from the
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    Peter V. Brett a Sunday Times Bestseller
    Peter V. Brett is officially a Sunday Times bestseller! Peter’s second novel, The Desert Spear (buy: US | UK) debuted at #9 on the Sunday Times hardcover list last Sunday, a tremendous feat for a genre novel. Plus, we’ve just learned that the novel has earned a place on next Sunday’s list as well. Congratulations,
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    Charlaine Harris a Bestseller in France
    More big news abroad for Charlaine Harris! Last week, she hit the charts in the UK, and this week the French edition of DEAD AND GONE has debuted at #13 on the bestseller list of Livres Hebdo, the French version of Publisher’s Weekly. Big congratulations, Charlaine! And back at the ranch, we’re getting ready for
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    Charlaine Harris a Sunday Times Bestseller
    Charlaine Harris is officially a Sunday Times bestseller! After conquering the NY Times list in 2009 with DEAD AND GONE (reviews | buy) , Charlaine and her smash Sookie Stackhouse series have now crossed over into the UK, with spectacular results. DEAD AND GONE (reviews | buy) is now the #10 selling hardback novel in
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    Charlaine Harris Named PW’s Bestselling Female Author of 2009
    Charlaine Harris is (drumroll please!), according to Publishers Weekly, the best selling female author of 2009! Publishers Weekly just released its list of the Bestselling Books of 2009, and Charlaine has three of the ten spots on the Mass Market Paperback list! This is more than any other author of adult fiction; John Grisham and
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    Harper Connelly Finally Gets Her Due
    Congratulations are in order for Charlaine Harris! This time, Harper Connelly fans get to have the good news. GRAVE SECRET (get your copy), debuted at #9 on the New York Times bestseller list! We at JABberwocky are thrilled to see Harper finally get her due, as this final volume in the four-book series marks the
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    A TOUCH OF DEAD touches #2 on NYT list
    Congratulations are in order for Charlaine Harris! Sookie Stackhouse fans will be pleased to learn that last week Charlaine’s new Sookie short story collection, A Touch of Dead, debuted at #2 on all major bestseller lists, including the New York Times!
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    VANISHED Hits Nielsen Bestseller List
    Congratulations are in order for Kat Richardson! VANISHED, the fourth book in Kat’s national-bestselling Harper Blaine series (reviews | buy), reached #4 on the Nielsen Bookscan hc fantasy bestseller list, in a busy week for fantasy launches.