Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Susan Velazquez

Susan Velazquez is the agent’s assistant to Joshua Bilmes and Eddie Schneider and manages audio rights at JABberwocky. She was born and raised outside of Dallas, Texas, but strangely enough, has no strong opinions on football or country music. Much to her family’s dismay, she left the South to live amongst the Yankees. She received a B.A. in Creative Writing with a minor in Gender Studies from SUNY Oswego in 2016. Susan speaks fluent Spanglish and just mastered the art of cooking Mexican rice.

Before joining JABberwocky, Susan interned at Foundry Literary + Media, Coral Press, and Folio Literary Management.

Susan generally gravitates towards literary fiction but any story that details a complicated family dynamic, illustrates a transformative coming-of-age experience, or features multicultural characters or unique voices has a special place on her bookshelf, regardless of genre. Her favorite titles include A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN by Betty Smith; THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET by Sandra Cisneros; THE EAR, THE EYE, AND THE ARM by Nancy Farmer; and KINDRED by Octavia Butler.

Important note: Susan does not currently accept queries. For inquiries regarding Eddie and Joshua, you can reach her at susan [at] awfulagent [dot] com. However, if she recently met you at a conference or requested your pages, please email your query, a 1-2 page synopsis, and the first 10 pages of your manuscript (copy and pasted in the body of the email) to susan [at] awfulagent [dot] com.